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What products do I find in BolivianStore?

In BolivianStore you can find all kind of products from domestic items to musical instruments.

Are the products original?

All products are made in Bolivia for sale abroad





Are payment cards accepted?

Yes, our system accepts payment cards through the Khipu transaction system

What is Khipu?

Khipu is an online payment platform for debit and credit cards which connects
with our system to verify payments in a secure way

Shipping and parcels


How does the shipping process work?

Your products must be sent by international shipping companies to your country of residence.


Who covers the shipping cost?

The client covers the shipping cost, which is calculated at the time of purchase and is added to the cost of the product.


What is the waiting time for my products?

Depending on the place to send, it will be delayed until a maximum of 15 days after being sent.





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